Real Estate Portfolio Management

Real Estate Portfolio Management

Real Estate Portfolio Managment through WPM — Build your vital property investment portfolio.

Through its Real Estate Portfolio Management, WPM offers financial advice on real estate investments. We research the market for property investment opportunities and monitor changes in the investment environment.

Equity placement in real estate needs constant assessment to ensure good returns.  You may not want to leave your money in a slow to non-growth market, you may miss out on potential gains in either rental rates or valuable appreciation in a more thriving market area.

WPM will keep you up to date on any necessary capital improvements that may be needed to protect your investment and to maximize profits down the road.  We work closely with our clients to offer the best possible information and experience for guidance on their real estate portfolio.

1031 Exchanges:

The Internal Revenue Code 1031 allows holders of real estate investments to “trade-up” to other real estate investments while deferring capital gains taxes. (Certain requirements apply – talk to your tax accountant for complete details).

WPM has assisted its clients for over 30 years in the exchange process and understands the requirements necessary to affect a 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange.

Undertaking a 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange can increase your returns on equity and provide you with increases in tax deductions.

You can:

  • Maximize equity returns whilst “growing” your portfolio.
  • Increase tax deductions.
  • Move the “location” of the investment to alternative markets.
  • You can trade raw land to apartments, to commercial, to industrial. Any real estate held for investment can be traded to a different or like kind of property.
  • Trade out of a single family home rental to multiple units.

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